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So you've booked your next angling adventure and want to be all set to have a safe and exciting day on the water!

What should you bring?

  • Valid Ontario Fishing Licence

  • Cooler to transport your fresh catch home with you

  • Flat sole / non-skid / no heeled footwear

  • Sun Screen & Hat

  • Rain Jacket

  • Extra Layers - if you're fishing in the fall months, dress for the worst "you can always take layers off, but you can't add what you don't bring"

  • Drinks and Snacks (Onboard BBQ available at request)

  • Camera

  • Any Medications you may require

Do you get Sea Sick?

Some people are more prone to motion sickness than others, this can certainly ruin your fun and the fun for your group. However, it is avoidable, just remember that Gravol and other motion sickness medications are only effective if taken ahead of time - NOT right before or during your trip. Get a good rest, good breakfast, and you'll have a fun healthy day!

Inform  your Captain

Apex Angling Charters is a family friendly and inclusive service. We want to make sure every guest is taken care of and ensure safety on the water. Please contact us regarding any special needs in your group.

Some examples are: elderly/immobility, wheelchair, children under 16

These details will assist us in ensuring sea conditions are favourable, and all guests have properly fitting life vests. All children under 16 are required by law to wear a life vests at all times while on the water.

Please call us at 519-401-7861

What is Supplied ?


  • Transport Canada approved Life Vests and all Safety Equip.

  • Massive YETI Cooler - Upon your arrival Please combine all your drinks and snacks in the onboard cooler to avoid tripping hazards on the deck from multiple small coolers, you can use your personal cooler to transport your fish home

  • ICE will be provided to cool your drink /snacks and transport your fish home

  • Bluetooth Stereo System - bring your phone with your favourite tunes

Where to get a Licence?

Ontario has gone electronic !

  • Do you just want a 1 Day Licence?  click here ->

  • Do you have a valid Outdoors Card? verify here ->

  • Do you have a valid Licence for this year? check here ->

  • Does your age or disability make you exempt? Check here ->

Temporary Licences and 1 Day Licenses must be printed prior to arrival if permanent does not arrive in mail prior to trip.

Prefer to buy in person? Licences can be purchased at the following locations prior to your trip.  **NOTE - line ups or licence processing time may cut into the scheduled adventure that you booked - ensure you have licence prior to the start time of your trip **

Erieau Marina Ship Store

Address: 1515 Kerr Ave, Erieau, ON N0P 1N0

Phone: (519) 676-4511

Lighthouse Variety & Tackle

Address: 425 Tisdelle Dr, Tilbury, ON N0P 2L0

Phone: (519) 682-1707

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